05 September 2011

My newest addiction: MACARONS!

For years I've been hearing about macarons from my penpal Nadine in Germany. She lives very close to the border of France and often takes day-trips into France to get local groceries, treats, etc. I had heard of macarons before but after seeing her love of them, I knew I wanted to try them. Heres the problem - there was nobody around that made them! I couldn't find a single bakery in London (Ontario) that sold them. Until last month...

While my friend Ari was here from Wisconsin (and let me just say sorry for not blogging about her visit. I have a few photos, I'll be doing another post soon about knitting stuff and that visit), we were walking around our local Saturday morning farmers market. All of a sudden Will and I both gasp - we spotted macarons! There was a little bakery stand that was closing up, she had some jars of baked goods leftover, and in one jar... MACARONS! There were only two left. Will and I bought them IMMEDIATELY. They were green matcha tea flavoured with a ginger cream frosting. They were TO DIE FOR. Immediately I wanted more. Thats when we found a new bakery opened up inside the farmer's market called Petit Paris (see photo). HEAVEN. Immediately we picked out half a dozen macarons, but at $2.25 each (or $12 for a half dozen), we knew this would become an expensive addiction. That was the moment we decided to learn how to make them.

I found these helpful instructions using my google-fu, which is an expansion of Martha Stewart's recipe (which has even more suggestions for different flavour combinations, just so you know), and I went to work - after a short trip to the bulk store to get a few things.

Since then, I've been in macaron heaven. I've made about 5 or 6 different batches... they take forever and they are SUPER DUPER SWEET, but they honestly are a little piece of heaven! Here is my most recent batch - chocolate macarons with chai cream frosting:

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Lindsay said...

I was just searching on Google for where I could find some macarons in London when I came across your blog. Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to the Market on Saturday! haha :)