29 April 2012


Why hello there! I bet you thought you'd lost me for good. Well, thats definitely not the case. I don't know what my issue is with blogging. Maybe its a combination of things, but I think in my head I made too many blogging "goals" for myself, and then felt stressed because it was just one more deadline to meet. When I am faced with silly things like deadlines, I tend to not enjoy what it is that I'm meant to be doing in that time frame. I especially get that way with knitting deadlines. Yeah, who knew there were such things except other knitters? Well, most people reading this are knitters, I guess. So, nevermind.

Anyway, I'm back! At least, I'm going to try to be. I'm not going to have a theme or anything though, I'm just going to play around with my blog and write about things that make me happy, because, well, that will make me happy! And if that brings a little bit of joy to my day, maybe it will bring some joy to others as well. And if it doesn't, well, they don't have to read my blog!

Today was quite a good day for me. Its crisp and chilly but the sun is still shining. Both Will and I had the day off of work. Oh yes, for those who don't know since I haven't written in a long while, Will's permanent residency has been approved AND he now has a job. He is a barista a barista at Starbucks and he is amazing at it! He just has that type of happy infectious personality that someone wanting/needing coffee would want. He can add a smile or a little humour to someone's day, and he's just good at it. He loooooves it. And hey, its better than sitting around home bored I guess, right? I have only seen him at work once (while he was working, I mean), and he really does just bring joy to so many people. I love that man!

Anyhow, Will and I both had the day off, so we decided to try out this cute little restaurant we'd never been to called The Bag Lady. Its actually just down the street from my work, and I'd heard good things about it, but never been. It is the cutest place in the history of all cute places! I want to go there every day! We had amazing food, and sat on the patio, too! It was a bit chilly but we had an adorable pot of tea to keep warm. I even knitted for a bit! So, if you're in the area, check it out!

I've also been keeping up on mail lately. Or rather, trying to. Things had been a little hectic at the end of last year, and I just sort of shut down on pretty much everything. I didn't enjoy knitting, I didn't enjoy writing, I didn't enjoy anything! I was stressed out and not loving it. I was trying to be the best "me" that I could, but I felt like I was losing myself a little bit. So now I'm back and doing the things that I love to do, thus, the blog is back.

I am excited for a summer filled with some trips: a roadtrip to Ottawa to visit some amazing friends, camping, and in the autumn, a very amazing penpal of mine is coming to visit the United States and Canada, and she'll be staying with me for a few weeks! She is from Finland, and I'm very excited for her visit. There will be a lot of coffee and knitting, and a few day trips. Squee! This is very exciting to me!

Oh and one more thing that I simply must share before wrapping this up, last October, Will and I adopted the most ADORKABLE (yes the "k" is in there on purpose)pup, who we named Tenzing. He is a Lhasa Apso, and he is our spoiled boy. More about him later... I'll leave you with a picture in the mean time...


Sab Rina said...

oh, you are back! keep blogging, so I know what is going on in your life, I always miss you <3

Carolyn said...

Welcome back!

Bee said...

Welcome back and I am loving your pet.